Hallway of Doors

A Series of Memoirs by Sue A. Frink

Book 1 – Have You Been to the Zoo Lately?

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Little Sue’s trip to the zoo was not like that of your average 5 year old. During the late 40′s, she traveled freely around Portland, Oregon on a bus under the watchful eye of a caring bus driver, but there were many other adventures ahead in her life that triggered other experiences locked in her memories from that time and throughout her life.

In the 1960’s when Sue was in her 20′s, she made newspaper headlines after crashing her VW bus in the California desert; it was this experience that first opened the hallway of doors to the memories of her past. In this book she shares the true life and sometimes unbelievable events that caused her to reconnect to her memories.

MEMORY plays a large role in each and every consciousness. Quantum physics will prove that the Universe appears and disappears every four quadrillions of a second.   It reappears based on memory. Memory, therefore, can bring growth towards joy and peace collectively through each individual’s mastering of reconnecting to their own memories.

This portion of Sue’s life story challenges the reader to evaluate the possibilities of “reality.”