In July 2016, ranked [sixth among 2015 China Top100 Enterprises of Pharmaceutical Industry] (Data of CFDA Southern Medical Economy Institute)

In 2015, ranked [seventh among 2014 China Top100 Enterprises of Pharmaceutical Industry; and first among the List of Traditional Chinese Medicine] (Data of CFDA Southern Medical Economy Institute)

In 2015, awarded [Best Industrial Enterprise in Chinese Pharmaceutical R&D Production Lines] for consecutive years (with more than 180 R&D products)

In 2015, Buchang Pharmaceuticals [ranked first among TOP10 Pharmaceutical Enterprise Growth]

In 2015, Danhong Injection won [The First Prize for Science and Technology of China Association of Chinese Medicine in the Year 2015]

In 2015, awarded the [Enterprise Contribution Prize for China’s Apoplexy Prevention &Control Project] (The only TCM winner among six winners nationwide)

In 2012, awarded [Top10 Most Influential Pharmaceutical Enterprise]

In 2011, Danhong Injection won [The Science & Technology Progress 1st Prize of Shandong Province]

In 2010, Danhong Injection won [China’s First Gold Prize for Traditional Chinese Medicine]

In 2010, ranked [Ninth among China’s Top100 Pharmaceutical Enterprises, and First among National Traditional Chinese Medicine Enterprises],In 2010, ranked eighth

In 2010, “Buchang Naoxintong” was awarded [TOP10 TCM Product Brands]

In 2008, awarded [China Top500 Private Technology Enterprises in 2007]

In 2008, awarded [China Top100 Commercial Technology Enterprises in 2007]

In 2007, awarded [China’s Top 10 Brands of Pharmaceutical Enterprises – “Jinpu Award”] - the annual highest award for final assessment of medicine brands.

In 2007, the Company was awarded [Assured Pharmaceutical Enterprise for People]

In 2006, the Company was awarded [China Top10 Growth Enterprises of Pharmaceutical Industry]

Entrepreneur Honors

In April 2016, China Philanthropy List was released, and Chairman Zhao Tao was awarded [2016 China Top10 Philanthropists]

In 2015, Chairman Zhao Tao was awarded [China Most Respectable Entrepreneurs]

In 2015, Zhao Tao was elected as [Chairman of Scientific and Technological Innovation Committee] of China Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs Association

In 2014, Chairman Zhao Tao was elected [2013 China Top10 Figures of Private Enterprises]? (Alibaba: Ma Yun; Xiaomi: Lei Jun; Buchang Pharmaceuticals: Zhao Tao; Tencent Holding: Ma Huateng; BYD: Wang Zhuanfu...) won the award together.

In 2014, Chairman Zhao Tao was elected as [Man of the Year 2013 for China Pharmaceutical Health Industry]

In 2014, President Zhao Chao was awarded [2014 China Economic Figures of Chinese Medicine]

In 2013, Professor Zhao Buchang and President Zhao Chao [were reappointed as the [Delegate to the Twelfth National People’s Congress of China]

In 2012, Chairman Zhao Tao won [the Special Prize of the Seventh Invention Award]

In 2010, President Zhao Chao was rated as [2009 Shaanxi Top10 Economic Figures]

In 2010, Professor Zhao Buchang was rated as [China’s Top10 Confucian Entrepreneurs]

In 2009, Professor Zhao Chao was awarded the [Excellent Entrepreneurs of Shaanxi Province]

In 2008, both Professor Zhao Buchang, the Founder of the Company and Professor Zhao Chao were elected as [the delegates to the 11th National People’s Congress]

"Shaping the Chinese Heart" of corporate social responsibility of Buchang Pharmaceuticals (donated a cumulative amount of over TWD2.5 billion for six years)

In 2015, the activity of “Shaping the Chinese Heart” was awarded [China Top10 Public Welfare Examples]

In 2014, won the [2014 Special Contribution Prize for Chinese Philanthropy]

In 2013, the activity of “Shaping the Chinese Heart” was awarded [the Excellent Projects of Chinese Corporate Citizens]

In 2013, Buchang was honored the title of [2013 China Five-star Corporate Citizen]

In 2012, Buchang became the only [Pharmaceutical Enterprise among the Top 10 Best Cases of Social Responsibility]

In 2011, Buchang came among the [Top10 Philanthropist Entrepreneurs]

In 2010, ranked [Second among the Top10 Philanthropist Entrepreneurs]

In 2010, the Company won the [Willing Ox Award for Social Responsibility of China’s Pharmaceutical & Health Industry] for consecutive two years.

In 2009, [“Shaping the Chinese Heart”] – Love Plan for Cardio-cerebrovascular Health in the Western Region, which was organized by Buchang and jointly undertaken by China Association of Chinese Medicine, Red Cross Society of China and well-known hospitals of Beijing, offered free aid to the patients with cardio-cerebrovascular diseases in the poverty-stricken areas of Tibet.

In 2013, Chairman Zhao Tao was rated as the [2013 Annual Philanthropist]

In 2010, Professor Zhao Buchang and his son Zhao Tao were awarded the [China’s Characteristic Philanthropists]